Resort Decor: How to Bring Vacation Vibes Home

If your plans this summer are to move into a new place, apartment, or house, and it seems that it is the ideal time to incorporate some new resort vibes into your place, we got you!

The ”Resort Decor” elements are totally attainable, starting with tropical plants, rattan chairs, and airy textiles. Your home will look and smell summerish and ready to get prepared for a home vacation.

So, the following ideas will grow on you and will lead you well on your way to that resort life.

Bring the outdoors in

Introduce more pieces made of natural fibers, and use outdoor furniture, indoors. Try a nice set of cane hanging chairs, a woven hammock, or a bamboo day bed.

Refresh with tropical textiles

Pair your rattan and bamboo with tropical, tribal, or airy textiles for the ultimate resort experience. Think resort wear for your furniture.

Add some oversized wall art


We add this to the list as we have noticed the large art installed at hotels and resorts. it is very common to find large print over the bed or tapestry in living spaces keeping the room dramatic, yet not too overwhelming. And in our opinion, it is what resorts are all about.

Give your walls the island treatment

Put up some tropical wallpaper, or go for natural finishes like grasscloth or warm plaster. It will definitely add a little island glam.

Go big with houseplants

Another option for bringing the outdoors in is…Oversized plants have “fancy resort” written all over them. Add some larger varieties to your houseplant collection and throw in some oversized pots and planters to really pull off this look. Bird of Paradise, banana trees, and Dracaena are all great options.

Use crisp white linens

Everywhere, all the time. Need I say more? Sure, nobody wants to steam their linens every, so opt for fabrics that wear wrinkles well, and forgo the need for in-house room service. Also, don’t be afraid to add in some tropical hues to avoid things looking too stark and sterile.

Go big with a canopy bed

Nothing says Mykonos Island resort like a canopy bed adorned with airy fabrics – just switch out mosquito nets for something a little more indoor-appropriate.

What are your thoughts? What do you think about resort decor – bring it home, or leave it in paradise?


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