Renovate the Living Room Without Works And Without Large Budget

Spring is about to arrive, and probably, you will want to give your home a new look. If you want to make changes in the living room, but do not want to spend too much money on work and furniture, some tricks can help you renovate the house without making too much financial effort.

Change the layout

Moving the furniture is always a good idea if we want to give a new look to the house, without spending a penny. Redistribute and relocate the pieces in the living room, changing for example the dining area, to the place where the living area is. Or change the sideboard or the tableware cabinet.

Reorder and renew the library

How long has it been since you moved the elements that your library hosts? Empty it, take the opportunity to clean, and put everything back. Make compositions with the books and with the sculptures.

Reserve some space to place a painting or some supported photographs… And if you want something different, you can paint, or put a nice wallpaper, in the back of the bookcase. You will see how the living room acquires new air.

Renew the decoration of tables and sideboards

Bet on renewing the decoration of the coffee table, the centerpiece of the dining room, or the figurines that you have had for years on the console. You can buy something new, or reuse deco objects that you have saved, or that you have in other parts of the house. In their new location, they will look splendid.

Bet on plants

If you put indoor plants in the living room, you will get a spectacular change. The room will be fresher, more comfortable, and will also have an incredible touch of color. You can place them on a console, on a side table, on the coffee table, in a corner if they are large like the monstera, hanging on the walls… the options are endless.

Change the lighting

The power of light is unique when it comes to renovating a room. Change the lamps, to achieve an aesthetic renovation, but also to improve the luminosity. In addition to the ceiling lamps, it provides new indirect lights to create new environments. If you don’t want to change the lamps, you can renew the screens.


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