Project Ideas That Will Make Pink Burnt Cement the Star of The Room

Have you ever thought about applying pink burnt cement to your home decor? 

Combining look, great durability and resistance, in addition to having a lower cost, burnt cement has been very successful in recent years, so much so that it has become a darling of those who enjoy the industrial and minimalist style. 

Traditionally, burnt cement has a gray color, which can vary from a lighter, medium or darker tone. However, in the production of burnt cement, there are no rules: it is possible to avoid gray and bet on other colors, including pink.

In this article, we talk about what pink burnt cement is made of, how to apply it and also how to decorate a room using this coating. 

How to make pink burnt cement

So, how to get the perfect pink tone on burnt cement? To make pink burnt cement for floors, there are two options: one that you mix from scratch and use a ready-made mix. 

To make a mix from scratch, start by mixing the cement mortar and the pigment. In this case, we recommend using checkered powder, made from iron oxide and which is resistant to UVA and UVB rays, which prevents them from fading over time. The pigment is available in the colors: blue, green, yellow, red, black and brown. Depending on what shade of pink you want to achieve, you’ll need red and a little brown. Another important point is the mortar: prefer to buy it in white, unless you are looking for a grayish-pink coating. 

Mix the mortar and pigment well until you get the desired shade. Then, separate a part of this dry mixture. In the other, add the sand and then the water. In the case of the ready mix, just mix the pigment and then the water. 

In either case, you’ll know you’ve reached the right spot when you squeeze the dough in your hand and it doesn’t crumble or water. 

In the case of burnt cement for walls made with slurry or a ready-made mixture, the preparation is easier: just mix a little water in the slurry. Then add powder or liquid pigment (available in more colors, including pink). 

How to apply pink burnt cement

To apply pink burnt cement to your floor, it’s important to start by levelling the base well. Remove any imperfections or dirt on the subfloor surface. Then place the expansion joints, which will prevent the floor from cracking when it expands in drying (and also in the change of ambient temperature). Distribute the burnt cement mass over the subfloor and level the surface with a trowel and, finally, with a ruler. 

Then it’s time to “burn” the cement. This is nothing more than sprinkling the mortar and pigment mixture (which you separated earlier) over the still damp surface of the dough. Then, the putty needs to dry for at least 72 hours to get to the last step: waterproofing the floor, made with an acrylic resin.

Apparently, the process with the spaghetti is simpler. Just use a trowel with some of the dough and spread it on a clean, level surface. Apply the putty with semi-circular and rapid movements to ensure the stained effect of the burnt cement. Allow drying for the time specified by the putty manufacturer. 

We present ideas of environments with pink burnt cement you will like for sure:











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