Prints And Paintings That Will Change The Decoration of The Living Room

Fall is time to renovate the house. But if you can’t (or don’t want to) get involved in construction work or large expenses, sometimes with small changes thanks to elements such as textiles, or deco accessories, we can make our house look different.

Without a doubt, the decorative sheets can help us to renew and give new life to the walls of the living room. Hanging on the wall, resting on a shelf or a console, alone, or forming a composition… with this selection of prints from some of our favorite decor stores you can give your living room a new look.

Pretty prints to renovate the living room


This olive tree watercolor for sale couldn’t be prettier.


If you like blue tones to dress your walls, here are two prints with the abstract landscape.


If you like pink tones, here is an abstract downloadable print that will suit you like a glove.


If you like a tropical environment, but want to escape from color, this painting with palm trees bears your name.Β 


We have found this wonderful canvas with a gold and green print.


This framed graphic poster features a play of lines and abstract motifs, in neutral tones. And it is ideal in a contemporary interior, or to give a twist to a classic decoration.


If instead of abstract prints you are more of landscapes, in Amazon you have this set of six models that costs 24.50 euros .

At Amazon we have found this set of six decorative frames to frame, so you can play with them and make compositions.


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