Practical Tips to Make the Living Room Decor Your Own

Today we brought you some tips to set up your living room, after all, this room is the soul of the house, it is where you will receive your visits, spend time with the family, relax after a tiring day, and keeping it beautiful and organized is essential.

Although it may seem like a simple task, setting up your living room requires some care, and for your environment to suit your needs and style, take a look at our tips.

1.Plan your living room

Before you go shopping for everything you see ahead, planning your room is essential because then, you will have furniture of adequate size, which can compose a harmonious environment, without excesses.

Therefore, the first step you must take is to draw up a plan, visualize the space that each piece of furniture will occupy in your environment, and which pieces you want to buy.


Then, measure the entire room, doors and windows, and especially where each piece of furniture will be, so you will know the maximum size that each piece can have.

To facilitate its visualization, you can mark on the floor the space available for each piece of furniture with masking tape or even with a newspaper.

2. Keep in mind which style to follow in your environment

After taking all the measurements, you must define which style of decoration you will follow, then start choosing furniture and decorative objects.

For this, you must take some aspects into consideration, for example, what is the routine of the residents of the house? Is the living room used as a TV room or does it only receive visitors sporadically? Thus, you will be able to see the needs that must be met by your room, and then you will be able to choose the best options.


Then, you should follow the style of the other environments in your home, especially if your living room is in an open concept with the kitchen or dining room, so you create a space in harmony. But when we talk about following a style it does not mean that you should choose pieces that follow only one line, you can mix genres, for example, minimalist with classic, but the trick is to choose pieces that do not clash and combine with each other.

Another aspect to be taken into account is the taste of the members of the house, you must set up the living room combining personal styles. It is worth remembering that it is in this environment that you will welcome your visits, therefore, comfort and hospitality must be present.

3. What furniture to choose for this room?

A living room is made up of different furniture, each with its own purpose, be it functional or decorative. To start, the main item of this environment is the sofa, in addition to being the focus of decoration, it is the most functional piece of your room, so your choice must be well thought out.

When defining your sofa, take comfort into account, as this is where you will spend a few hours of your day, and it is also where you will accommodate your guests. Today, it is more common to choose only one sofa, the models with fixed chaise or not, are the most sought after.



You must choose a coffee table, it is a fundamental piece for decoration, it brings finishing to the environment, but it also has a functional character, as it is possible to support everyday objects on it.

If your living room has a considerable size, you can bet on a mix of coffee tables, combining different models and heights.


Now, if your environment is small and cannot accommodate this piece, you can replace it with an ottoman, which can be easily rearranged to accommodate your guests.


4. The Choice of Colors is Fundamental for the Environment

For being an environment that will also serve for rest, the colors should be well thought out so as not to leave the room loaded. If you keep sobriety in everything else and want to bet on a colorful sofa to highlight this piece or a wall in evidence, don’t be afraid, this is a great option.


Now, in relation to the most vibrant colors, whether for a prominent piece or wall or for the details, you can bet on shades of colors such as orange, green, blue, red, yellow or even pink. Colors bring a stripped and modern touch to the environment, as well as the feeling of coziness, choose the tone that best expresses the personality of the members of the house.


5. Finalize the Environment

It is not enough to buy the pieces and place them in your living room anyway, you must follow your planning, placing the furniture in the determined places. But if it is time to accommodate the furniture in the planned locations, it will not be the way you expected, do not despair! Relocate the furniture until it is in the perfect position for you.

Start by arranging the sofa, which is the largest part of the room, in the largest available space, and in front of it, position the TV support, now distribute the other furniture. But the furniture alone is not enough to bring that face of the living room, which must be pleasant and cozy, for this, it is necessary to bet on auxiliary furniture and decorative objects, such as rugs and pillows for example.

When it comes to pillows, there is only one rule: the more the better! They are responsible for bringing a touch of comfort to the environment, so do not leave them aside. You can mix sizes, colors or prints, this pillow mix will bring a contemporary touch to the place.


Another cushion model that is on the rise, is the plush ones, which bring a touch of sophistication to the environment. Plants are also welcome in your living room, in addition to improving the air of your home, they bring a modern and cheerful touch.


If you are afraid to set up your living room, just follow our tips that there will surely be no mistake, so you will be able to set up a modern and cozy room to receive visitors and enjoy with the family!


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