7 Amazing Designs for a Small Living Room

How to decorate a small living room? That might well be the million-question, after all, who today does not experience true martyrdom when faced with such limited measures?But for everything in life there is a solution and the answer to that question is simpler than it seems. In fact, it is not restricted to one answer, but to several tips and tricks that, when properly applied, do real miracles for your space.

Want to find out what they are?

How to decorate a small and simple room

The measures

Start with the measurements. With the help of a measuring tape or tape measure all measurements of the room, from walls to ceiling. If necessary, make a trace of this space on paper, making it easier to see what you have available and start planning the environment.

Functionality, comfort and aesthetics

With room measurements in hand, begin decorating planning with three key aspects in mind: functionality, comfort and aesthetics. That is, a room needs to be functional, allowing people to roam around and make use of all furniture, doors and windows, but it also needs to be comfortable and have that aesthetic that is a real eye candy. Therefore, do not take the focus off these three items throughout the space planning.


The integration of environments is another great trick to visually enlarge the living room. If you live in a new house or apartment, probably this integration already exists, so just know how to take advantage of it. But if you live in an older house or apartment you may still have a wall between the rooms, so the tip is to remove this obstacle and open the rooms, however, before making any such intervention, talk to an engineer.

Color palette

For a small living room the best way out is to bet on a neutral, light and sober color palette. But you needn’t worry that everything will be white, although this is also an option. Nowadays, you can count on a palette of pastel shades such as blue, yellow and pink mixed with neutral shades like white, gray and even a slight hint of black.Another option is to bet on a white base and put more cheerful and vibrant colors only on details such as pillows, frames and decorative objects.

Even so, it is best not to use more than three different colors in a small living room.


If there is a very important element for the small living room, that element is light. The preference is always for natural lighting, so that windows and other openings are valued, but it is also possible to artificially reinforce lighting such as luminaires, LED spots and spotlights on the ceiling.


It is not because the living room is small that it cannot have its own style, on the contrary. Prioritize the style of decoration that suits you and your home, be it classic, rustic or contemporary. The important thing is to express your personality from the best of each style. 

The furniture, sofas, walls, curtains, carpets and some other accessories are also the key to a beautifully arranged and designed living room, especially when small.

Here comes the gallery with the small living room amazing designs!









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