Practical & Chic Wall Lights

The wall lamp is enjoying a nice revival of interest in our interiors. And for good reason, this type of lighting has the knack of adapting better and better to fashionable styles. Industrial style, retro, design, minimalist, and even more and more Art deco: whatever its look, the wall lamp has something chic and practical at the same time. 

The wall light, an ultra decorative light

All lovers of decoration know it: the lighting of a room is essential and must be chosen with the greatest care. If it is an element that may seem secondary at first glance, it is on the contrary essential to the atmosphere of a room and its look of it. It is therefore out of the question to let a simple striped bulb light up a room when there are as many wall lights as there are layout possibilities. The design wall lamp acts as a real decorative touch in our interiors.

The wall light, the space-saving asset

Wall lights have the advantage of not taking up any space. Simply fix to the wall, they easily replace the traditional ceiling light or a contemporary suspension (whose cable length is not always suitable for all rooms), while bringing a character to a wall. They are particularly useful for freeing up space in small areas. Bedside lampwall lamp for the hallway, wall lamp for the bathroom, it is used to dress all small spaces lacking light. 

Far from being banal, both functional and aesthetic, these wall lamps are reinterpreted by the greatest designers as well as the small decorative brands that we love. There are therefore all styles and at all prices, fixed or articulated, with or without lampshade, minimalist or eccentric, to illuminate all the rooms of the house with style.

Discover our selection of trendy wall lights. You will love them so much that you will (almost) not be able to decide between them!











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Author: Renata Kralevska


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