Perfect Ideas for Having Closet Under the Stairs

Are you in need of space and there’s a ladder going around? So let’s combine the useful with the pleasant and make a closet under the stairs. 

This is one of the most efficient solutions for using space, at the same time it manages to adjust very well to the layout and design of the environments. 

So, why not invest in this idea, do you agree? But before calling the carpenter, come see the tips and ideas that we brought below. follow up.

Closet under the stairs: ideas to make the most of space

Organize books

If you love to read and have a small library at home, the idea of ​​transforming the area under the stairs with a book cabinet is sensational.

In addition to shelves with books, you can still create a reading corner with an armchair, for example.

Shoes and coats are always on hand

But if your stairs are very close to the entrance of the house, then the tip is to create a closet to store shoes, bags and coats. 

So every time you leave the house, everything is already there waiting for you. Cool huh?

Make a cellar

We’ve already sung this ball, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce it. A cellar under the stairs is perfect for those who want to display and organize drinks safely and beautifully. 

You can even think of the idea of ​​a built-in bar. Here’s the tip!

Space for a pantry

For those who have a very small kitchen, you can take advantage of the space under the stairs to create a pantry. 

A cupboard with shelves and a few drawers help organize pots, containers, and other containers used to store groceries. 

Thus, you can lighten a load of things in the kitchen, leaving this environment more functional and organized.

Organize kitchen items

The cupboard under the stairs can also be used to store kitchen items and objects, especially those used infrequently. 

Included in this list are appliances such as a mixer, and a blender, as well as bowls, platters and even tablecloths and other elements used for a table set that is not used every day.

Corner for the pet

Another good idea of ​​what to do under the stairs is to organize a corner for the pet. There it is possible to create a closet to store food, clothes, toys, blankets, and a walking collar, among other objects. 

There’s still room to make a bed built into the closet, keeping your pet warm and comfortable.

Service area

The laundry area under the stairs is a super smart solution for those who have a small house. This space can easily be occupied by the washing machine and even a sink. 

The best part is that none of this needs to be exposed. A sliding door hides the service area with the greatest ease.

However, it will be necessary to adapt water and sewage outlets. But, on the other hand, the space that would be occupied by the service area can be better used, either to expand the kitchen or to make a barbecue area in the backyard.

Take a look at these ideas:











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