Pastel Decoration Tips That Will Elevate The Room

Impossible to get tired of the presence of pastels at home. If in winter, they rest our interior, in summer they have the gift of refreshing our rooms. A perfect reason to integrate these delicate colors into our decor. 
It has been impossible to escape pastels for several seasons in the world of decoration. Summer or winter, this delicate palette of subtly powdery shades continues to produce wonders in our interior. When the temperatures drop in winter, their presence in small touches or total look transforms our rooms into a cozy haven of peace where it is good to rest. As summer comes, they have a knack for refreshing the atmosphere. In any case, and all weathers, pastels remain a perfect solution for bringing color into your home in small doses or with great effect.

Pastel bedroom or living room?

Let’s be honest, it is often said that pastel adapts to our rooms just as well in small doses as in a total look. Except that in a kitchen, for example, a pale yellow on the wall is associated with sky blue furniture and a powder pink decoration and it is the assured dollhouse effect. To avoid this total look which can quickly get boring, it is advisable to distill pastels on trendy textiles and prints (cushions, rugs, graphic and pastel plaids) or a beautiful piece of furniture such as a large sofa, a coffee table, or a desk. A large and pretty pastel room accompanied by some pastel decorative accessories or even better a simple pastel wall (paint or wallpaper) will be perfect for the decor.

Why succumb to pastel?

Powder pink, sky blue, almond green, pale yellow: the palette of pastel is wide and above all, it has the chic to settle in all the rooms of the house without difficulty. This is not the case with many colors. A sky blue in a bathroom, an almond green in a kitchen, a pale yellow in a kitchen or a living room: there is always someone capable of decorating a room. These nuanced shades also have the number one quality of pairing with a host of other shades. They go just as well together as they go with more intense shades. Pastels are after all only a much softer and paler derivative of certain very strong colors. Uniting them in the same room will only transmit a nice harmony to the decor.
Here are some perfect examples of paste decor that will bring life to your home:










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