Painting The Ceiling In Color?

Painting the walls to bring a touch of color to your room is a given. But have you thought about painting your ceiling in color? This very decorative idea, however, requires you to follow a few rules depending on the size of your room, the height of the ceiling, and the color of the walls. A few tips to get you started.

Paint ceiling and walls the same color

Even if the result is beautiful in the photo, painting your walls and your ceiling in the same color may “pack” the room, especially if you choose a dark color. In addition to the loss of brightness, your room will visually shrink and the atmosphere can be oppressive if your ceiling is low. And if the “box” effect is less when you opt for a light color (a pastel, for example), it is not recommended in a small room.

Paint walls and ceiling in two different colors

If you want to paint walls and ceiling in two different colors, be careful. Indeed, the color chosen for the ceiling will necessarily affect the color of the walls, by play of light, and you may be disappointed with the final result. Combine colors from the same family and take into consideration the orientation of the room, its natural light, and the placement of different sources of artificial light.

Take into account the ceiling height

Before choosing a color to paint your ceiling, consider this simple rule. In a room with a very high ceiling (more than 3 meters) and with large windows, as is often the case in apartments in the Haussmann style, you can use a darker color than that of the walls. A dark shade will visually lower the ceiling, which is not a problem since the height of the room is substantial. On the other hand, avoid dark in a room with a low ceiling, especially if it is not very bright. In this case, choose a shade lighter than the walls, which visually distances the ceiling (this is why white is the most used shade). But you can also opt for a tinted white or a pastel color that won’t darken your room.


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