Our Favorite Interior With Wooden Details

Building wooden houses is not about imposing an interior style. On the contrary, it is to offer a wide range of finishes, so that you feel good in your  wooden house.

A rustic or even raw industrial style? A clean, white modern style? A modern wood style?

Wood inside? A little? A lot? Passionately? Or not at all? The solution also lies in the choice of a suitable wooden construction system. Each wood system offers very distinctly finishing solutions.

The nobility of irregularity

Contrasted, barked, bright and warm at the same time, wood evokes astonishing modernity, this mixture of brutality and softness intrinsic to its nature, imperfect and yet so beautiful. Where the boundaries of primitive beauty blur, between a made-to-measure table and kitchen furniture, Perene reveals the nobility of each irregularity, each nuance, each shadow cast.

Wood, this material so familiar but which still knows how to surprise, is worked in its most total destitution, all in relief, timeless and raw in the service of interior design. It evokes an organic nature that is expressed within the house, simple, essential, and authentic. 

Around a table in the extension of an island, in an open and comfortable bathroom, near a library… a soft atmosphere emerges from this warm wood which alone creates the decor. As a true chameleon, he finds his place in each universe, sparingly or not. Transposable in all rooms, it decompartmentalizes and superimposes the functions: of cooking, reading, organizing, receiving, and sharing.











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