Organically Luxurious: 5 Planet-Friendly Bedroom Basics

Incorporating eco-friendly styles into your bedroom design is easier than you think. With a few simple additions, an essential room in your house transforms into a haven of healing. While finding renewable and natural materials may take a bit of research, exploring the world of sustainable decor is an inspirational process you will learn to love. Between renewable bamboo flooring and efficient electric fans, your bedroom will quickly become a green sanctuary.

Converting your bedroom into an eco-friendly oasis shows you care about the planet, but it also promotes your own wellbeing. Ridding the room of harmful pollutants supports healthy sleep and allows your body to renew after a long day fully. Additionally, you will breathe easier by removing low-quality furniture and carpet containing allergens or dust.

Ready to go green? Add these five organic luxuries to your bedroom decor.

An organic mattress

Begin your sustainable transformation with the place you spend the most time: the bed. Organic mattresses like those from Essentia are stylish, cozy, and beneficial to your health. Eco-friendly mattresses are also safe for those who struggle with allergies or respiratory conditions, as they are chemical-free. When shopping for the ideal mattress, consider details such as material, lifespan, and possible organic certificates.

Keep cool with fans

Running powerful A/C units or energy-intensive swamp coolers drive up your electric bill and are harmful to the environment. Instead, install an eco-friendly overhead fan that will keep your bedroom comfortably cool. In addition to circulating cool air, overhead fans prevent dust and other pollutants from settling on surfaces.

Refurbished statement pieces

A stylish recycled piece of furniture will transform your bedroom into a boho bungalow. DIY an old table or purchase a sustainably-made bed frame to raise your antique aesthetic to new heights. Refurbished pieces last much longer than mass-produced furniture, keeping you from producing unnecessary waste down the line.

Opt for organic bedding

In addition to an eco-friendly mattress, organic bedding promotes healthy sleep and green living. Organic cotton bedding is made from pesticide-free fibers and has become widely popular over the years. Now you can purchase stylish, luxurious, inexpensive sheets anywhere from department stores to high-end designers.

Eco-friendly flooring

That new paint smell you love so much comes from harmful compounds found in most carpets and hardwood floors. For an all-natural carpet, look for those made from hemp and avoid materials made with Benzene and Formaldehyde. When purchasing hardwood flooring, opt for bamboo, which is more sustainable than other wood alternatives. Additionally, bamboo is a natural antifungal and pest repellent, meaning you won’t use toxic pesticide products.

Bottom line

Green living is easy and essential to incorporate into our everyday lives. Additions like ceiling fans and organic bedding rid your bedroom of harmful pollutants and promote healthy sleep. Simple refurbished statement pieces add style to an ordinary bedroom while preventing future waste. Transitioning to a green lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, but with these five eco-friendly additions, your bedroom will be one step closer to a sustainable sanctuary.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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