Orange-Pink Ways To Freshen Up The Decor

Neither pink nor orange, orange-pink is a rosy coral hue with the most beautiful effect. Intimate, soft, and refined, the color illuminates dark atmospheres and awakens light decors, whether it is a painted wall or a colored object. Demonstration!

Contrasting orange-pink walls


For those who would like to try the orange-pink on the walls, go for it. For those who dread the girly effect, contrast! With gray and navy blue, this shade of pink retains its warmth and good humor but gains in elegance.

Orange-pink with black

Bold, modern, and stunning, the combination of orange-pink with matte black creates decors worthy of professionals. We love it in the bathroom for a chic and intimate atmosphere, embellished with a few golden touches and a large round mirror.

An orange-pink kitchen

As is often the case with orange-pink, you have to be daring… but the bluff is often worth it, the proof with an orange-pink cuisine that is off the beaten track! With a good coat of paint, old-fashioned furniture comes back to life, and as long as we can, we paint the shelves with it.

Orange-pink in a cozy decor

Ivory, cream, beige, light brown, or mouse grey, all the neutral shades form the perfect setting for an orange-pink piece of furniture. The shade adds color while respecting the harmony of the decor, and brings an additional refinement that always has an effect.

An orange-pink wall in a vintage atmosphere

Did parquet paint white, ceruse bench, or recycled cupboard? Quick, orange-pink. The light patina of the furniture adds authenticity, the color of the walls adds cachet, all sublimating a decor of odds and ends at little cost.

Orange pink with ice blue

The perfect combination of colors for a neo-art deco bathroom is her: a soft, pastel ice blue boosted by orange-pink decorative objects. In the absence of the basin, you can paint a shelf or hang pretty towels, the effect is just as trendy.


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