Neva Towers Apartment Restyling by INRE Studio in Moscow, Russia

Project: Neva Towers Apartment Restyling
Architects: INRE Studio
Location: Moscow, Russia
Photographs by: Sergey Krasyuk

Neva Towers Apartment Restyling by INRE Studio

This small apartment with the view on Moscow-City was purchased already with the finishing by developer. It includes a complete kitchen, parquet flooring and painted ceilings and walls.

The designer’s objective was to make the apartment ready to be rented. INRE Studio has a task to restyle the interior, create an attractive space for living in the heart of the business district and bring the unique atmosphere of the location – Moscow International Business Centre – into the apartment. So, a person who will live here could relax and return to his or her own rhythm taking off the suit after a day full of the important business deals or throwing off the high heels after a fashionable party.
The idea was to create an apartment where to feel like you are staying above a hurrying metropolis.

At the client’s request, the restyling was carried out with minimal costs: everything that could be left was left. At the same time, the coloristic solutions of the interior were revised from monotonous to contrasting, the electricity was reviewed, and new décor was created.
The main part of the new furniture and structures was created according to INREs sketches: beige MDF panels and a useful storage system appeared in the corridor, and a compact functional wardrobe was made in the bedroom. There is a lighting on the headboard of the bed designed by INRE.
The wall behind the bed is painted in a darker color to make this part of the room look monolithic. To create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen designers have replaced the spot lighting fixtures above the bar with designer pendant lamps. The TV is mounted in a decorative panel that hides all the wires. All the necessary household appliances are discreetly integrated into the cupboards to create a sense of space in a small apartment.

The sofa in the living room is made-to-measure by Italian brand “Ditre”. The big white coffee table is also a product of Italian craftsmanship by “Poltrona Frau”. In the bedroom there is a private corner furnished by “Baxter”: comfortable Lazybones Lounge armchair, elegant Ninfea coffee table and Blade floor lamp treated with antiqued brass.

Elena Gataullina, partner of INRE design: “Redesigning an interior is always much more difficult than making it. We managed to give character and comfort to a standard apartment from a developer using valuable, atmospheric details and materials. We choose the materials that are not only good-looking but also very pleasant from a tactile point of view. It is not a seasonable staff, but the things that make the interior bespoke and timeless”.

The Italian velour chosen for the headboard, as well as the silk-infused carpets, change their shade depending on the lighting. The bedside tables are finished in piano lacquer and their upper part is made of brass with added bronze, which is a more useful alternative to gloss and adds a sense of nobility to the interior. Modern graphics in the frames crafted by INRE have given the apartment a recognizable character Due to such precise interventions, it was possible not only to create a comfortable atmosphere, but also to increase the investment attractiveness of the apartments. That was immediately noted by the real estate agent.

-Project description and images provided by INRE Studio


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