Multifunctional Brazilian Loft Apartment in the Style of 70’S

Look at this beautiful luxury apartment located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. It is part of the 2012 Casa Cor exhibition presented by Luiz Fernando Grabowsky and his design studio. All rooms in the apartment is equipped with carefully selected pieces of modern furniture and decorated with fantastic elements in the style of 70`s. Dominant color is orange that brings optimism and positive feelings in people who reside in it, but also it is noticed a touch of brown, black and white.

This whole color combination works pleasing to our eyes and makes this apartment even more attractive. The walls are covered with brick and are noted high ceilings and wooden floors, which contributes and enriches the industrial style of the interior. There is an enrichment of beautiful memories on the walls with hung framed family photos that give a better aesthetic appeal to the space and increase the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in the apartment. The whole interior is brilliant and all the details are carefully chosen to make this apartment comfortable and appealing to everyone.









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