Most Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Decorating New Home

In the absence of time, ideas and expert advice, often occur failures that can cause the space which has all the potential to look great, to completely loses its meaning. Overcrowding, inability to combine colors, poor lighting, uniformity of the interior, are just some of the possible errors in the decoration of the room. We suggest you, if you are planning changes in the apartment, always to take into account at least one more opinion, no matter if it is a good quality professional advice or from a person from the environment that you trust. Pay attention to these tips below and thus avoid mistakes that can happen to everybody:

  • If you overdo with pillows and you can not sit properly on the couch, then it is too obvious. Decoration with cushions is fine, but you need to try not to overdo with them.
  • Pick up all the little things that you have, and if you have something you really love, store it in a while. You do not have to have expose all at once, and each area should not be covered by the little things. After some time, replace the items that you have as accessories and add a bit of freshness to the room.
  • Move the furniture away from the walls and place it in the middle of the room. Sometimes the background of theΒ furniture is beautiful, with a sofa and table makes a pretty sight.
  • There are many more interesting ways to protect your furniture, such as with protective spray, blankets and pillows. Use a blanket that will not hide, but will emphasize its tones and materials.
  • Decide what kind of lighting you want in that room, and pay attention to the function of the room. Light is a very powerful and important decorative effect.
  • Using small rugs is a mistake that the people often make. Use a tape to measure and to create lines and get a vision of where you want to set the carpet before you buy it.
  • If you have too many colors and patterns, your home will look very poor, cramped and tiring for the eye. There is a difference between the eclectic, quality combining and overcrowded. The line is very thin, a dose of taste and good advice will always solve the problem.



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