What exactly is Modern organic interior design, one might wonder? The style has emerged in recent years as a modern take on minimalism, with the big difference from its predecessor being that the focus is on making it feel cozy and minimalist at the same time. It is not strict and completely white, but earthy, green, and has a large dose of coziness. The clear lines of minimalism have also been joined by soft, organic shapes and natural materials and textures.

Decorate with warm neutrals

Modern organic is characterized by the interior often being in natural colors such as warm white, creamy beige, soft gray, and earthy brown. However, it always has a warm feeling, so the colors have warmth in them and it is not completely white with blue tones or a sterile feeling about the interior.

Opt for soft, round, and organic shapes

One of the clearest characteristics of the Modern organic style is all the round, sculptural and organic shapes seen in the interiors. Skip sharp edges and corners, and choose furniture and interior details with undulating and soft shapes instead, to bring style into your home. In addition to the soft shapes, the overall lines of the furniture and the fixed decor are simple, which then makes it easy to add textures to the details.

Bring in natural materials and crafts

Modern organic is very much about furnishing with natural materials. Tactile surfaces in wood, stone, ceramics, and wool as well as jute and rattan give the interior an earthy feeling.

Greenery in focus

The green elements are important in the Modern organic style. Large, plump plants, green leaves, twigs, and other elements from nature give the close-to-nature feeling in the interior a boost. If this style is otherwise about less being more, then you can think more is more on this particular point!

Bold color

Although this interior design style is characterized by its warm, neutral colors, that doesn’t mean it has to be colorless. Don’t be afraid to add color accents to give the style your own twist and personality.


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