Modern & Inspiring Creative Shelves That Can Make Your Home Look Charming

In the decoration of environments, it is essential to choose functional solutions that adapt to space and have decorative characteristics. The shelves are furniture that fulfills this role, although many models have traditional formats, it is possible to buy and even create them with different and innovative formats.

The shelves are great allies in the optimization of space, comprising various items such as books, magazines, newspapers, vases, and the most varied objects. They can even replace cabinets, in addition to adapting to any type of environment, from the bedroom to the kitchen.

To facilitate your visualization, we have separated 10 incredible ideas for shelves with different materials (wood, metals, MDF) and styles (modern, colorful, rustic, minimalist, etc.). At the end of the post, see some tutorials you can do at home:

10 Creative Shelving and Bookshelf Solutions to Delight You

To make it easier to view, we have separated 10 incredible ideas for shelves and tutorials that you can do at home, see at the end of this post:


The shelf attached by threads results in a delicate decoration. It can be installed in bathrooms, corridors, and even in the kitchen to organize the spices or the mini garden.


With the tendency to reuse materials, here is a perfect idea to decorate the house. Pallets, besides being economical, can be transformed into various furniture such as sofas, beds, sideboards, shoe racks, and now on shelves. That old piece can be cut and fixed with the help of ropes to be installed on the wall.


This idea is very welcome in children’s rooms!


These shelves are assembled with the help of a metal plate installed on the wall. In the market, it is possible to find several models that follow the size of the books they wish to place.


These shelves are perfect for supporting mini pots and kitchen gardens. The more pieces installed on the wall, the greater the effect of a vertical garden.


The geometric cutouts formed in the joinery give visibility to these shelves installed inside the bench. It is a way to innovate in the design of your kitchen creating an original and modern effect for the decoration.


Instead of traditional paintings, wallpaper, or shelves, nature lovers can be inspired by this bedroom set.


The narrower shelves are excellent for corridors as they do not take up space and still help to decorate. It is interesting to compose together with a spread to make the place cozier.


Ideal for those who like to read before bed.


Change the look with these copper structures that support each level. They have charm and stand out in the environment.


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