Mobile Walls To Separate Rooms Are Still An Ongoing Trend

If we like the Nordic style for something, it is because of that desire to seek and make the most of natural light in interior designs. If the previous distribution does not optimize that lighting, they do everything possible to make it so, such as unifying spaces by pulling partitions or creating transparent walls, as in this room with sliding glass doors.

The Nordics like the sun and natural light, winters are so long and dark that when in summer they have 20 hours or more of sunlight a day, they make the most of it, that means having neither curtains nor blinds and It does not seem to affect sleep at all, here as you know it is quite the opposite.

And is that our summer, with the extra hours of light, also brings the dreaded extra hours of extreme heat and being able to reduce a little the hours of maximum sun in the central moments of the day, means for us to be able to breathe a little and save energy, hence we do look for the shade at noon.

An open living room like the one in this Swedish flat is practical and attractive here and there.Β If you are thinking that the order would probably be to change the place of the living room for the dining room, we have thought the same, but surely its owners have thought about it as well and there is some reason why the living room is where it is, each of us makes the things our way and that is the beauty, the variety and that there are no strict rules with anything.

We would have everything open, without sliding doors, but for the unconvinced it is a magnificent solution, you gain in lighting and you do not sacrifice privacy, if you want to avoid noise, etc.

Take a walk around the rest of the 89 mΒ² apartment built in 1904 and you will see that there are more beautiful details in every corner.Β 







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