Meaning Of Violet Color And Combination Tips

Between the sacred and the profane: this is the color violet, full of meaning and duality. It’s no wonder that Pantone, a world reference in color systems, has twice chosen it as the color of the year.

And if you are also a fan of this enigmatic color and full of personality, keep following this post because we will give you many tips and ideas on how to use violet in decoration. Come and see.

Meaning of the color violet

The violet color is a combination of blue and red, but it is good to make it clear that it is not pure purple, the famous purple. The violet tone is more open, softer, and bluish than its other parent color, red. It is also good not to confuse violet with lilac, as the latter brings a generous dose of white in the composition. Violet is a color that causes multiple sensations and emotions, some of them even very contrasting. 

At first, violet is seen within the Christian religious tradition as the color of humility, devotion, and faith. It is not for nothing that religious people use color in their clothing. Violet is also the color of mystical spirituality, directly linked to witchcraft, magic, and sorcery. The color still represents the transmutation and energetic cleansing carried out by many spiritualist traditions. It is the color, for example, of Master Saint Germain.

This was the color of nobles in antiquity, and today it bestows status on wealthy and eccentric people. Just look at the power of the combination between violet and gold, for example. 

Decoration with the color violet: where and how to use it

The violet color causes strong sensations and, therefore, it is good to be aware of them when thinking about the decoration. Violet is relaxing and is a great color option for spaces made for rest, such as bedrooms, for example. Avoid color in social settings unless it appears only in punctual details. Excess violet also tends to make the environment depressing, so regulate the dosage.

Here are different ways to use the color violet for decoration:


Sofas, tables, chairs, racks, and cabinets can appear in any environment painted in violet. But because they are large surfaces, the ideal is to regulate the use of color so that it does not cause negative sensations. 

Decorative details

If violet seems too much for you, try adding it to small details, such as a vase, kitchen utensil, or living room ornament. It is even worth using violet flowers, such as orchids, and the violet flower itself, delicate and romantic. 


The violet color can appear both in chandeliers, pendants, and sconces, as well as in the color of the lights. Nowadays it is possible to find lamps in violet color, which adds an extra charm to the environment.

Want more ideas on how to use violet in decor? So just take a look at the images we brought below:











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