Luxurious scented candles – perfect for autumn evenings at home!

Cosy evenings are soon here to stay. And what doesn’t suit these evenings better than lighting a lovely scented candle that gives your home the right feeling? We have selected our favourites that we like to light every night.

Whether you’re inviting a friend over for dinner, watching a movie or treating yourself to a bath, burning candles are always appropriate and are guaranteed to increase the cosiness factor. The fact that they also smell wonderful doesn’t make matters worse! The autumn darkness makes you want lots of scented candles, so why not start the day in the home office with a scent that you like? You can join our favourites in the slideshow below.

Tip! When burning the scented candle for the first time, always let it burn to the brim, then there will be no dimples in the candle in the future and the candle will burn evenly.

Black Oak louse – L:a Bruket

If you want to evoke the feeling of curling up in front of a fire, this scented candle from L: a Bruket is a variant that suits you! With forest notes, there’s exactly that autumn vibe we’re craving right now!

Scented candle Bibliotèque – Byredo

Swedish Byredo is really professional when it comes to scents and scented candles – and our favourite is Bibliotèque, which has a luxurious fruity scent.

Sandalwood and Amber Candle – Von Norten

Creates a seductive and luxurious scent. A warm and lovely scent of exquisite cashmere, musk cedar and amber. Together they make up the most delicate of scents filled with pleasure and create an intimate atmosphere in the home.

Scented candle Oud Wood – Tom Ford

Oud Wood is one of the rarest, most valued and more expensive ingredients in the perfumer’s arsenal. Contained in sublime matte glass, this candle is made from the most luxurious ingredients used in the creation of scented candles. Exotic rosewood and cardamom provide a smoky blend of rare oud wood, sandalwood and vetiver. Tonka bean and amber add warmth and sensuality. Perfume the room.


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