Light grey: how to use it in decoration and 9 perfect ideas

Neither white nor beige. Light grey is the new colour for those who want a clean and modern interior. The tone brings modernity to the interior, without neglecting the elegance and neutrality of colours considered classic, such as white.

Another advantage of light grey is that it goes with everything: from the wall to the colour of the sofa, including the carpet, the floor and even the furniture. Light grey is also a joker in any ambience and can be used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and children’s room.

With so much versatility, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the colour. That’s why we’ve brought you lots of great tips and ideas on how to use light grey in decoration. Come and see.

How to use light grey in decoration

Light grey is an easy colour for any decorative project. Naturally neutral, the colour blends very well with any decor style, yet can be applied to environments in countless ways. See some suggestions:

Coatings and large surfaces

If you want to highlight and highlight light grey in the environment, then the tip is to apply it on coatings and large surfaces such as floors and ceramic tiles or in the form of wall and ceiling paintings. An even more interesting option is to add light grey to materials that are naturally this colour. And here it becomes clear that the focus is on burnt cement and exposed concrete.

These materials are super trendy at the moment and manage to add both the modernity of the colour and the raw texture that has already become a hallmark of industrial style decoration projects, for example.

With textures

Light grey can also add grace to soft and cosy fabrics like carpets and curtains. In this case, the texture of this type of piece helps to β€œbreak” any impersonality or coldness that the colour can convey.

With furniture

If you’re tired of white furniture but don’t feel confident investing in more vibrant and eye-catching colours, then the suggestion is to go for light grey furniture.

This can be the sofa, the TV shelf, the kitchen cabinet or the wardrobe. Do you prefer smaller furniture to use colour? No problem.

For example, light grey can appear on side tables or bedside tables, benches, chairs, and dressers.

Details are also welcome.

Another way to use light grey in decor is with details. Even in smaller pieces, light grey manages to pop and draw attention, especially when it’s well balanced with the other colours in the area.

A good example is light grey lamps and pendants. Decorative items and kitchen utensils are other examples of places where light grey can appear. In the bathroom, on the other hand, light grey can stand out as the colour of the tub, the taps or even the sanitary kit, giving a touch of modernity and style to the furnishings.

Check out 9 light grey interior design ideas now and get inspired to bring the colour into your home too:











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