It’s Time For Spring Cleaning!

The trees are finally blooming and the sun is coming up to make our days more enjoyable. There is no doubt, it’s spring! And traditionally, this season is accompanied by a major cleaning. This year, I’m giving you a little helping hand.

Tidying up

For storage: We suggest you to find storage for all your belongings: whether it’s clothes or children’s toys.

Tidying up your home is THE key to saving time on a daily basis . Finding a place for everything is indeed precious in everyday life, which is often very fast-paced. So, by tidying up your house, you don’t waste time looking for what you need . In addition, nothing drags because we know where each object must be put, without any hesitation. Remember to show the whole family your new organization so that they don’t have to constantly ask you to find what they are looking for. Also get into the habit of labeling closed boxes or sticking a photo on them .of their content to know, without having to open them first, what they contain. In the children’s room , bet on colored boxes for the little ones: they will be able to associate each color with a category of toys for example. Baskets are, throughout the house, a storage solution that allows you to combine business with pleasure, baskets being a major decorative trend of the moment. As for vacuum storage , they will save you a lot of space . You can store your winter jackets and blankets in it, for example, which will then slip discreetly under your bed.


For sorting: To better organize yourself in your wardrobe or your dressing room, you will have to start by sorting the clothes in order to get rid of what you no longer wear. But be careful, we do not throw away the clothes! Many associations collect clothes for people in need.

Sort your dressing room but also that of your children . Between what you no longer put, what is too small, too big or out of fashion, there is no doubt that you will quickly manage to lighten the contents of your wardrobe. And the same goes for your children. In addition to clothes, take advantage of this spring cleaning to sort out the toys and books of your dear darlings. Again, if they are in good condition, give them away or put them up for sale on a second-hand site. In the living room , we sort the magazines but also the papers and the letters which tend to pile up quickly. In the kitchen , remember to sort the contents of your cupboards: besides the dishes and utensils you never use, it’s a safe bet that you will find in your pantry and your refrigerator some expired food. Don’t forget to also sort household products, ensuring that you dispose of expired products correctly. In the bathroom , sort make-up and beauty products, the latter also having an expiration date that is often forgotten.


For cleaning: Cleaning your house is good, but cleaning your house in an ecological way is better! We then move towards ecological cleaning products in order to respect the environment but also the health of the inhabitants of the house.

For effective spring cleaning while respecting nature, only three household products are absolutely essential: white vinegar, baking soda and black soap . These natural products will allow you to clean the house from floor to ceiling , in all rooms. As far as equipment is concerned, sobriety will also be required: microfiber cloths , a mop and a few sponges will be supplemented by a vacuum cleaner and a push broom . By reducing the number of household products and cleaning materials you use, you will then be more efficient and faster to do your household chores. Fewer household products also means less cluttered cupboards and a better wallet.


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