Interior And Exterior Merge In A Family Home In Madrid

Transferring the peace and calm that the countryside gives us inside this house has been the objective of the Espejo & Goyanes studio at all times in this rehabilitation. A project, located on the outskirts of Madrid, in which its owners had an immovable premise: to connect the interior with the exterior, transmitting the sensations that nature provokes in us, in a fundamentally comfortable space.

For this, the designers wanted to integrate the landscape using fixtures integrated into the wall and counteracting with more elegant and warm materials, among which we mainly find stone, wood, tapestries, and linens. This mix of materials creates a suggestive contrast of tones and shapes in which antique elements blend with current pieces, a sober canvas in which the note of color is provided by the works of art that complete the decoration.

A space inspired by the work of the artist Lartigaud, using his tapestry that has been placed at the headboard of the master bedroom. A unique work, with an exceptional narrative through the elements, which has become a challenge for the decorators themselves, but which transmits their style and personality with a classic but renewed aesthetic.


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