Inspirations To See Life In Pastel At Home

It is fashionable to display some pastel colors in its interior. Triumphant shades in the 1960s reappeared on the front of the decoration scene with the triumph of the Scandinavian style almost a decade ago. These infinitely tender shades – often immediately linked to the sweetness of childhood – have persisted in contemporary decors when Scandinavian aesthetics have lost some of their lusters.

Powder pinksage greensky bluestraw yellowblue-grey … The family of pastel colors offers a multitude of possibilities and combinations to enhance rooms lacking in color, light, and tenderness. Imprinted with an undeniable softness, pastels suggest soothing and enveloping atmospheres like no other. Very popular for creating a demanding contrast with darker and more marked shades in a living room, they enhance a total look or small touches in a bedroom wishing to display a cozy atmosphere. If pastel paints and pastel wallpapers remain essential allies to integrate a colorful and nuanced touch in a room, the furniture does not make the impasse either to embellish itself with this watered-down palette. Thus in recent years, we have witnessed the undisputed success of pastel sofas and pastel headboards .

As a total look or in small touches, pastels jovially develop their ability to compose interiors where life is good. Demonstration in support with 5 pastel inspirations .

1. A dining area with pastel details

Successful harmony for this dining area which, in addition to an optimized surface area, presents a refreshing charm thanks to the use of a sage green deployed on the kitchen fronts, to the tubular chairs stamped Sklum to the panoramic wallpaper  “Bahamas “of Well Done. A bucolic setting for a city apartment.

2. A pastel tie-dye wallpaper+

Designed as a cocoon conducive to daydreaming, this bedroom has made a tribe of pastels its best allies. The smallest of its details thus presents a delicate nuance starting with its Sandberg wallpaper and its tie and dye appearance. Headboard and pink bed linen only reinforce this reassuring atmosphere…

3. A bedroom with a total pastel look

If there is indeed a room in the house where pastels have more than ever their place (and their role to play) it is undoubtedly the bedroom. The absolute softness of pastel in its pink and purple version sneaks in everywhere: bed linen, headboard, wall, carpet … Beautiful to look at and perfect to live in!

4. A pastel living room with exemplary design pieces

In this decor imbued with infinite wisdom, affectionate shapes and soft colors coordinate to create a refined and no less original atmosphere. 

5. A large pastel pink rug

In this impressive Prussian blue living room, a huge coral rug (Red Absolu studio gallery) creates a particularly captivating contrast with the “very fit” pieces of furniture. A demanding and flawless decor!


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