Inspiration for Small Studios in Natural Nordic Style

Seriously, we hope this trend never goes out of style, because it is wonderful, it gives rise to calm and clean homes, in which life is more relaxed and calm.

A few years ago the all-white or blank look with some Nordic detail was the most adopted trend in Nordic homes, those tones have gradually changed to a mixture of whites with beige, sand, and brown or light wood colors. They are all light tones that we call natural, taken directly from wicker, light wood, dry grass, etc.

How do we apply this style if space is limited? First of all, bravo for choosing this natural decoration for a study, because visually you will expand the space. Ideally, the floor should be made of wood, in a light tone, and without glare, no glossy finishes, as matte as possible, the same on the walls and ceilings, where you can paint white, off-white, pearl gray, sand, etc. very light shades.

For the furniture, it is best to choose white for the largest pieces, such as the sofa or the bed or cabinets, but it all depends on the number of elements and the contrast you are looking for, look here in this Swedish studio, the kitchen is not white, but since everything is open very well lit with natural light and there is a lot of white because the amount of light wood color does not overwhelm, there is a certain balance.

It is about combining, without exaggeration.Β Rattan, wicker, bamboo, hemp, reeds, linen, cotton, dried seaweed, seagrass, jute, and light beech, pine, birch, or ash woods will be the best options.

Do you join the natural tendency?Β We have been trying to adopt it at home for a couple of years now, of course, we want to go home after work or classes to something like that and not to a decoration of strong, very dark or strident colors, right?











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