Incredible Selection of Different Types of Wall Textures For Your Home Decor

A great way to improve your home environment is to work with wall textures, moving away from conventional smooth painting and innovating with modern techniques and coatings. And the effect of these textures is able to result in a new space, ending the monotony of the house, leaving it more receptive and providing well-being to residents.

With creativity and suitable materials, the combination of relief and colors make countless finishes possible. There are paints on the market that look like the texture of some materials, such as wood, marble, suede, steel, and others. The texture in paints is applied in just one coat. There are many color options, which you can customize a color yourself at a specialized store.

For those who like modernity, wall coverings are an indispensable item on your wall. Usually, they come in plates that can be inserted normally, sometimes they come in a fitting system or in a rectangular shape. The tiles with the most varied shapes and colors are not left behind, they are entering residential projects with a different design every day.

There are simpler techniques that allow you to vary the aesthetic effect of the wall according to the instrument used, wavy effects, graffiti, groove, blends, etc. Anyway, there are many possibilities for those who want to insert dynamism into the environment. To better understand these techniques check out our gallery below.

Many of these textures the resident can develop, there are many videos on the internet that teach and specify which material to buy. But to start this process it is necessary to know that the wall needs to be finished ready to receive the texture. Therefore, no excess residue and dust can be inserted in the location. It is important to protect the area so that it does not get stained with paint, so use masking tape to make the demarcation and cardboard to cover your floor.

Here are 9 wall texture ideas to get inspired:













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