Ideas To Rejuvenate Your Home In An Easy And Simple Way

Do you feel that your house has an old look? Would you like to rejuvenate it without getting into great works? We have asked two interior designers what are their infallible tricks to give the house a faceliftHow to do a concrete and precise face wash capable of taking years off you in the blink of an eye. And they have told us these interesting ideas.


You can rejuvenate the house in many ways and depending on the budget you have. From a very light restylingsimply painting or changing furniture, to a full-fledged reform. If you can do some reform Seek light above all by creating bright spaces using mobile partitions instead of conventional fixed ones, putting windows made of black iron structures that give a more modern and fresh touch … In short, say goodbye to corseted spaces. If your house is the typical one in which everything goes together, the sideboard to match the table and the mahogany chairs upholstered with the same fabric as the sofa, a good way to rejuvenate it simply. Don’t be afraid to combine modern pieces with old ones.


It is something that we have learned in recent years, but that we already suspected for a long time: the importance of recreating more versatile spaces in which we can carry out different activities throughout the day: work, eat, do homework …

For example, it would be good to dedicate a corner in a room that serves as an office, an office with a table to work on, but that at the same time that surface serves for children to do their homework or as a supplement to a dining table for a large lunch. You have to play with the spaces so that they are versatile, fresh, that you can get different uses just by changing two pieces.


There are many ways to cover the walls and they are a good way to update a house, and we suggest using smooth wallpapers, textured papers, polystyrene moldings that manage to give the texture of waves or semicircles to a wall; paint the kitchen or bathroom tiles, if they have the classic soporific border; put a vinyl floor on top of the old tile; lacquer the bathroom cabinet in another color.


Painting the house in cream colors, yellow… is out of date. All those tones are dwarfed. Now the white tones, the broken whites or pastels that give a fresher touch to the house are taken a lot.

For the floors, always opt for light colors instead of dark, something in which the interior designer Natalia Zubizarreta agrees, who points out “if you have a glossy and dark varnish, slash and give it a matte tone and lighten it as much as possible.


Normally the curtains or the classic ornate curtains turn your house into an old one. We advise replacing them with packet-type blinds, made of linen or light cotton that take away a lot of age from the houses.

The upholstery if they are with a lot of flowers, like those of the grandmother, you can reupholster them with neutral colors and from there, then put decorative touches with cushions, blankets.


How could you have a new kitchen without major renovations? A brilliant idea is to paint it and change the countertop. You’ll be doing a little face wash without spending too much. And for the bathroom? Only by changing the cabinet of the washbasin and the toilets, you will seem to be in a different one. For the interior designer, it is vital to replace the shower screen with thick profiles with a new one that is thinner or without profiles, and you will be amazed at the change!


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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