Ideas For Bringing Extra Storage in the Bathroom


In terms of storage in the bathroom, we usually have the vanity unit and a wall unit that supports a mirror. This is not much, knowing that the storage space offered by the vanity unit is partially reduced because of the emptying system of the basin. In rental, it even happens that there is no wall furniture but just a mirror with a shelf. The latter, once we put the toothbrushes and the toothpaste no longer allows us to store anything.
If we do a quick inventory of what we have to put away in the bathroom, you can find bath sheets and towels, beauty and cosmetic products, everyday accessories (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush …). You can also find household products for cleaning, pajamas, children’s bath toys. Also, when we make purchases for the bathroom in supermarkets, it sometimes happens that we buy lots: lots of cottons to remove makeup, lots of cotton swabs. And even if you have gone to the Zero Waste side, you also need storage for makeup remover patches or washable nappies for children. We remind you that to buy a piece of furniture adapted to your needs, it is essential to know what we are going to store there, hence the interest of making a quick inventory and keeping in mind your needs.


The shower and/or the bathtub are places in the bathroom where it is necessary to have storage space even if it is not always easy to integrate it. Indeed, there are different issues. Often these are tiled spaces, so we avoid drilling into the tiling. This requires suitable tools and a certain know-how to pierce earthenware. They are also spaced close to the water and it is imperative to choose facilities that are not afraid of water. If you don’t pay attention, the plywood furniture could swell, the metal one could rust. However, to store the bottles of shower gel and shampoo, it is always interesting to have suitable storage. Why? To clean the bath more easily for example.


The shower and the bathtub are not the only spaces in the bathroom that can be improved quickly with an extra piece of furniture. We can also think of wall furniture. These pieces of furniture are not as deep as those found in the kitchen since the bathroom is often a more cramped room. The medicine cabinet has its place in the bathroom. We tend to have a lot of medicines in the house, even if we advised not to keep the ends of boxes and bring them to pharmacies. (We wouldn’t have the problem if the pharmacist gave us the exact number of meds when we are sick, as is the case in India or Sri Lanka!) We have the mirror wall cabinet that we all know and which is also shallow. Ideal for storing all of our small daily items like makeup, beard care or perfume bottles. Finally, why not a wall shelf that will store the towels.


To finish our tour of extra storage for the bathroom, other solutions can complement your layout, such as the bathroom columns. They have the characteristic of being not wide and being able to slip between already existing pieces of furniture. In the same spirit, we have the half-columns which offer storage without weighing down the room. It is an interesting solution when you have a small bathroom. We’re less of a fan of chiffoniers or furniture that looks like dressers in the bathroom. This is explained by the inherent humidity level of the room. And if one day you have problems with ventilation or humidity in your water room, what you have stored in your furniture could smell of humidity or mold in the worst case.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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