How too Choose the Perfect Chandelier for Your Home

Want wow decor? So you need to have a chandelier in some environment of your home. This type of chandelier adds that classic, noble, elegant and refined touch to the decoration design, surprising and amazing your visitors. Chandelier chandeliers appeared in the late 17th century as a status symbol, illuminating the dinners offered by the nobility. After a while, they began to become popular and today are present in different decoration proposals. The chandelier can still come in the glass, metal or iron version, everything will depend on the style of decoration you intend to print in the environment.

How to choose chandelier: tips to get it right when buying

The chandelier is an element that, by itself, draws a lot of attention and most likely will be the main point of decoration of the environment. That is why it is of utmost importance that you choose a chandelier that matches the decorative style of the space and is of a size commensurate with the location.

To make no mistake, use the following parameter: large chandelier for large environments, small chandelier for small environments. When in doubt, four- or five-arm chandelier chandeliers are ideal for smaller spaces such as washrooms, for example, those with eight or more armrests are indicated for larger locations and also have high ceilings such as living rooms. and dinner, after all, no one will want to bang their heads on the chandelier.

The color of the chandelier also greatly influences the wow effect you wish to cause. For this reason, bet on chandelier chandeliers of metallic tones, such as gold, for classic and sophisticated style decorations. But if you want to use the piece in modern environments, be sure: a black chandelier is a great option. There are also colorful chandelier chandeliers, perfect for more contemporary and striped decorations. The chandelier can also be used when the intention is to enhance and enhance some furniture or room space, such as a dining table or the center of the room. No space or object goes unnoticed in the presence of such a chandelier.

Chandelier chandeliers also look amazing in lavatories and bathrooms. The only caveat is in the kitchen since moisture and grease present in the environment can generate dirt accumulation in the piece, impairing its natural brightness and beauty.

Here are 10 chandelier chandelier ideas to inspire you!













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