18 Magnificent Candle Chandeliers For Stylish Dining Room

Dining room can be your little oasis where you will share valuable moments with your family and friends, or use it for special events such as birthday parties or holidays. In the dining room the most important is the comfort of the chairs and the size of the table. The chairs should be comfortable, if possible waterproof, and made of material resistant to stains. Artificial skin is a good option for chairs in the dining room. The table surface can be made of wood, glass, metal or stone. Wood is considered as the most suitable material, but it is important that the used material to be resistant to scratching and high temperature.

If you need more seating capacity, opt for tables with one, central leg, since it can put more chairs in relation to the tables with four legs. Chairs should always be comfortable, and if you are expecting guests, who will be longer sit in the dining room, opt for more cushions on the chairs. Usually the stylish dining rooms can be divided into modern, traditional and rustic. Each of these styles can be great work, in any apartment or house in the village or town. It is important that you choose that one style that will express your personality, taking into account all the required details.

If you want to make dining room with big statement, try something new and extraordinary. For example you can set some unique chandelier, that will change the whole look of your dining room. Below, we present you one collection of 18 Magnificent Candle Chandeliers For Stylish Dining Room. See them and maybe you will find inspiration!


Image via Rachael Boling Photography




Image via Dino Tonn, Scottsdale, AZ






Image via Mike Mroz


Image via Jim Bartsch Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


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