How To Use Sheer Curtains In Decoration

Full of movement, elegance, and fluidity, sheer curtains are an excellent option for those looking for a practical, versatile and inexpensive curtain model. The voile curtain is also very easy to work with and can be made at home without great difficulties for those who already have some familiarity with sewing.

Another advantage of the voile curtain is the practicality to clean, place and remove. Because it is a very light fabric, the voile facilitates this process of cleaning and washing, drying very quickly as well. And, best of all, you can wash it in the washing machine.

Want to know one more good thing about voile curtains? They combine with different decoration proposals, from classic to modern. White voile curtains are the most traditional and due to their neutrality, they end up being the favorites too. But be aware that there are sheer fabrics in other colors, such as beige, blue and pink. The voile can still be found in printed and cast versions as if it were lace.

The voile can be used alone, as the main fabric, or combined with other full-bodied fabrics such as velvet, satin, and linen, for example, especially when the intention is to create a blackout effect on the curtain.

In rooms and environments that seek greater light control and privacy, the most recommended is to use a sheer curtain with liner or blackout curtain, while in rooms and other spaces you can choose to use only the sheer, seeking greater lightness, fluidity, and elegance to the decoration. An important detail when buying a voile curtain is to pay attention to the height of the curtain. The curtain must be aligned with the floor, neither too much nor too little. Think of the curtain bar as a pant bar.

Decided that the voile curtain is the right option for your home environments? Then follow the selection of images below and get even more inspired by environments that chose the voile curtain as the protagonist of the decoration:











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