How To Use Pastel Blue Color In Decoration

Soft and relaxing, the pastel blue color is perfect for those who want to bring a touch of color to the decor, but without being too daring.

Until recently, pastel tones were practically unanimity in children’s rooms. Nowadays, however, this clean and fresh color palette has conquered other spaces in the house. The pastel blue color, like all other shades known as pastels, has softness and delicacy as its main characteristic and meaning.

That is, the pastel blue color is nothing more than a very light blue tone formed by a white base. When looking at it in the decoration, the feeling you get is that the color was “washed out” or that it didn’t “take” it right, such is its softness. 

How to use pastel blue in decoration

You can take the pastel blue color in different ways for decoration, see some of them below:

Pastel blue wall

A simple and easy way to bring the pastel blue color to decoration is betting on wall painting. 

Choose the main wall of the room to receive the color. From there you define whether the painting will be solid, ombré, geometric, half wall, among the many other painting options out there.

Pastel blue wallpaper

Pastel blue wallpaper is another way to bring color to the decor, but with the differential of using textures and even other color compositions. Easy to apply, the wallpaper changes any space in the house.

Pastel blue furniture

Cabinets, tables, chairs, niches, racks, among other furniture in the house can also receive the pastel blue color.

Nowadays it is possible to find furniture options already with color, but if you prefer you can simply renew the painting of the furniture. Kitchen cabinets, for example, are a great place to invest in pastel blue.

Rugs and curtains

Rugs and curtains can also gain a pastel blue tone. The softness of color can bring new air to the decor, complementing a neutral color palette, for example.


Surely you must have seen a pastel blue sofa around. The upholstery has been successful precisely because it brings the possibility of getting out of that pattern of colors normally used in sofas. In addition to sofas, pastel blue can still be the color of choice for upholstered armchairs and chairs.

Bed and bath linen

Want to bring just a touch of pastel blue to the decor? So the tip is to bet on bedding and bath linen. A sheet, a bed cover, or a set of pastel blue towels, guarantees the touch of color for the decoration and can be changed whenever you want. 












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