How to Use it in Decor Colors that Match Red

Not everyone likes it, but those who try it fall in love! Yes, decorating in red can be challenging, but with the right color palette, it is possible to create original, creative environments with a lot of personality. 

After all, red is all that and more. And if you also like the idea of ​​decorating with this color, continue here with us to see tips and ideas for colors that go well with red. 

What Colors Go With Red

Red, in general, will always end up being the predominant color in the decor, even if it only appears in one element. 

Neutral colors are the best palette option for those who don’t want to be too daring or are afraid of making a mistake when composing the decor. But you don’t have to stick to them. It is possible to play with other possibilities, as you will see below, follow along:

Red and white

Classic, the combination of red and white, despite having a neutral color, has a strong contrast. White enters the composition creating a sharp contrast to red, further enhancing the intensity of the color. The red and white together evoke a feeling of energy but without visually overwhelming the spaces. The duo looks great when used in decorations with classic and modern aesthetics.

Red and gray

Here, the composition between red and gray reflects modernity, sophistication, and balance. Gray tones down the intensity of red, offering a more subtle and elegant contrast than black or white. The composition between the two colors can be incorporated into any room in the house, from the bedrooms to the living room, passing through the kitchen and bathrooms.

Red and beige

The palette of beige tones is also a great companion for the color red. Unlike white, beige offers a less intense contrast with red and even adds a more rustic and cozy atmosphere to the environment, precisely because beige integrates the palette of earth tones. 

Red and brown

Red and brown is another option for those who want something that leans towards the natural and adds that relaxing warm and cozy atmosphere. Brown can be added through the natural coloring of wooden objects and elements such as flooring or wall panels.

Red and pink

Red and pink, on the other hand, form a low-contrast composition, but warm, vivid, and, of course, even more passionate and intense. That’s because both pink and red are representatives of love and passion. It is worth betting on the duo in bedrooms, but also in social environments, such as living rooms and even outdoor areas.


One of the coolest ways to guarantee the protagonism of red in the decor is to leave it as the focal point of the environment. That is, he is the one who will capture the attention of the eye. 

For this, the tip is to keep the environment in a neutral color and bring red into a single, but powerful element. It could be the sofa, an armchair, a table, or the chairs in the dining room. 


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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