How To Use Classical Frames In Home Decor

Classic paintings are like wine: they get better with time. It is no wonder that works such as “Monalisa”, by Leonardo da Vinci, and “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh, is always around, whether in their original forms or in modern and picturesque reinterpretations.

The fact is that classic paintings always inspire nobility, sophistication, and refinement. They still bring style and personality, especially when they are part of contemporary decor.

And in today’s post, we’ll give you tips and ideas on how to decorate using classic frames. The good news is that you don’t even need to participate in a millionaire auction for that, check it out.

How to use classic frames in decor

Classic paintings always steal the show in any environment. So the tip is to let them show up.  Avoid placing them next to other elements, whether it be other paintings or decorative objects.

Classic paintings do not always have to do with classical aesthetics, the one from antiquity. The classic, in this context, concerns the immortal works of artists who contributed to the evolution of art in humanity, regardless of the time in which they lived.

For this reason, classic paintings are able to move freely in any decorative style, as long as they are the protagonists of the project. But if you have a perfect style for classic decorative paintings, that style is contemporary. In environments of this type, classic paintings form a beautiful counterpoint with the most modern elements, usually marked by straight lines and neutral colors.

The best place to hang a classic painting is on the most prominent wall in the room. In the living room, it can be the wall behind the sofa or the entrance. In the dining room, choose the front wall with the table. In the entrance hall, in turn, the classic table can be placed on the sideboard.

A toilet is also a great place for classic decorative paintings. Take advantage of this space that allows an extra dose of personality and style to display your favorite arts. And finally, in the bedroom, the classic frame closes the decoration on the wall at the head of the bed.

Where to buy classic paintings

The best place today to buy classic paintings is the internet, unless you are looking for an original. In that case, participate in an art auction or go to a gallery. The possibility of mass reproduction of works of art meant that everyone could have, for example, a Cézzane or Picasso at home for as little as $150.

Check out now the following decorating ideas with classic frames and get inspired:











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