How To Soundproof A Room Without Work

Since, thanks to forced stays with us, we have rediscovered the pleasure of silence, it is difficult to bear the noise pollution. Noises are harmful: they prevent us from concentrating and make us nervous. This is the second reason for the dissatisfaction of the French concerning their accommodation (source: Qualitel barometer, September 2021). The PSB Insights study for Whirlpool in July 2021 confirms this: 94% of French people would like their house to be calm and peaceful.

Properly insulate a room from noise

It’s not just the false ceilings and double glazing that can muffle the noise. There are a host of technical and aesthetic solutions, which is a real and pleasing novelty. Install acoustic panels. The Blå Station ranges reduce ambient noise and echoes thanks to the 30% hemp fibers that make up the modules. Just like the fibers of the panels of the new range of Rubelli, which trap the sound waves to prevent their reverberation.

Cover the walls with sound-absorbing coatings

The Swedish Nordgröna offers 4 modules of plant panels in lichen, which have the highest absorption rate on the market, as well as cork tiles which absorb up to 30% of sound.

Replace noisy appliances

Starting with the washing machine, which emits up to 80 dB when spinning. Fortunately, new generations of products are rising to the challenge: the very latest “Supreme Silence” from Whirlpool does not exceed 65 dB. 

Soundproof the floors

We emit 78 dB to 80 dB while walking, depending on the type of soil. This is why some manufacturers incorporate an acoustic layer. This is how Gerflor offers “Texline HQR”, rolls of vinyl whose underlay absorbs up to 16 dB. At Dickson, woven floor coverings have a SoundGuard first layer, which saves at least 18 dB. Same process at Tarkett, whose range of “Iconik” textile-backed vinyl provides sound insulation of up to 20 dB.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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