How To Perfectly Match The Mint Green Color In Your Home

A color that inspires calm and tranquility with a hint of irreverence and originality. The mint green decoration is like this: to get out of the ordinary.

The mint green color gained the spotlight in 2020 when it was elected the color of the year by WGSN, a reference company in the analysis of global trends. Under the name Neo Mint, the mint green color was reinvented and brought freshness and tropicality to interior design.

What you might not know is that the color mint green isn’t all that new. This hue is a hallmark of vintage decor, especially between the 20s and 50s when pastels were in high demand. In the 90s, mint green returned to refer to nature and the simple life of the countryside. Now, mint green is a mix between these sensations: vintage, contemporary, and nature.

And, you, how about trying the mint green decor? We tell you how here in this post. Follow up.

Mint green decoration: tips and ideas

The mint green color can be used in any environment in the house, from the bathroom to the children’s bedroom, through the kitchen and the living room. Once you’ve figured out which colors go with mint green, the next step is to define where to use mint green. For this, we brought some suggestions:

Wall painting

Among all the options on how to use mint green in decoration, the best and most practical of them is the wall painting. With a brush and a can of paint, you can work miracles! Just choose which wall to paint and you’re done.

And to make that decision right, try to paint the most prominent walls in the environment. In the living room, it can be the TV wall, while in the bedroom, choose the headboard wall.


How about now applying mint green on the furniture in the house? You can choose the woodwork already planned with that color or even paint the furniture you have at home. It is worth doing this intervention in the wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, chairs, or any other furniture that you want to highlight and draw attention to.

Decorative details

However, if you intend to use mint green in small doses, then invest in the details. It can be a light mint green light, a blanket, a pillow, or even a teapot on the stove. The important thing is to ensure that touch of style.


Sheets, bed covers, blankets, and pillow, and pillow covers can also be colored in mint green. Here, the interesting thing is that you can change the face of the decoration easily and whenever you want.

Here are some wonderful ideas on how to use mint green in decor. Get inspired!











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