How to Make the Most Out of Your Tiny Apartment Space

When people envision their perfect living space, I think most of us tend to imagine these big houses, with multiple rooms, a large living room, a luxurious bedroom, and a garage that could fit anything short of a tank. But for many, their living situation is about as far from that vision as you can get. 

Both the cost of living and rental rates are steadily on the rise, even as the gap between inflation and wage growth deepens, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. For many, this means settling for a very tiny living space, that will barely accommodate one, let alone two people, comfortably. 

Despite this, living in a tiny apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t inject your own personality, and live comfortably. Below are some tips that you can use to add a personal flair to your tiny apartment, and prove the old saying true that sometimes, “Great things comes in small packages.”

Keep Your Home Free from Clutter

No matter what size space you’re working with, clutter will make your home instantly feel cramped and messy. Shoes tossed beside the couch; magazines left all over the coffee table; clothes strewn throughout a room – these are the usual suspects that can make even the largest of spaces feel a whole lot smaller.

If you’re living in a tiny apartment, you absolutely cannot afford clutter. Not only does it look awful, but it can impact the amount of space you have to work with for the things you really want to bring into your home. To prevent this, tidy up your home at least once a week, with an emphasis on keeping everything neat and organized. Throw away or sell what you don’t use anymore, including magazines, clothes, and boxes. If you have items that you definitely want to hang on to, but you’re not actively using, consider storing them in a storage unit.

Save on the Resources You Actually Need

We tend to fill our homes with things that we can’t readily access without a drive, and a lot of hassle. It’s why we tend to fill up our living space so quickly, and why you’ll see many people with their own personal gyms, offices, and game rooms set up in their home. For a tiny apartment, this approach is definitely not ideal. 

To help reduce the amount of things that you have to own, because they’re so far away, start by choosing a location that isn’t so far away from the things you want. There are plenty of resources for finding rentals close to shops to do what you need, and get what you need, without dragging it all into your space. Find an apartment close to a gym, right next to a coffee shop, or near a Redbox. That way, you can just go and do what you want, without filling up your space with weights, coffee makers, and Blu-rays that will just lead to clutter.

Invest in Tiny Furniture

The biggest space taker in any living space is the furniture. Tables, chairs, couches…they all add up quickly, and if you’re in a tiny apartment, all you’re going to be doing is shimmying from room to room. To help you rest comfortably, but keep your space open, you’ve got to get creative! 

Instead of a full sofa set, buy a couple of bean bag chairs! These are much more compact, and way more fun! Instead of a full dining table, consider getting a small bistro set. If you are planning on hosting some big function, with a lot of people, consider just renting the furniture you need, then returning it when the party’s over.


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