How to make our home more welcoming with ambient light

We’ll say it again and again: a room with five lamps is cozier and homier than one with a large lamp.

We must be clear that while we adore all types of lamps—floor, wall, tabletop, hanging, tiny, designer, enormous, or even chandeliers—we would never entrust one lamp with the responsibility of lighting a whole space.

The practice we are referring to is still prevalent in many salons throughout Spain, but it is dated both aesthetically and practically, as it results in dark, shadowy areas that are undesirable, and the lighting is frequently subpar where it should be.

Look at this room; there is not a single overhead light source, and the nightlight is entirely dependent on ambient light, or the lamps and candles that contribute to that ambient light.

The lone hanging lamp is positioned over the dining table because the kitchen, dining room, and living room are all open to one another. It has a long cord to better direct light to the table. It is truly only necessary in this open area; elsewhere, light is provided by candles, a floor lamp, a small lamp in a window, another in the final bedroom, and even an LED light that is hidden behind kitchen equipment.

Imagine if there were only one or two ceiling lamps in the entire room, which were tightly attached to the ceiling or had a short cable, something that is also quite common in Spain. The lighting would be horrendous, and we would not have enough light for all of our tasks. Sitting at night would also not feel as cozy.

Try to have more sources of low light in your homes during these days of December rather than zenithal lighting to notice a shift in the atmosphere. Embrace it!


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