How to make a plan to declutter your home?

Before embarking on the big sorting, you should prepare your battle plan.

In what order to proceed? There are several schools: some people (including Marie Kondo) like to sort by categories of objects (all clothes, all books, all linens, etc.), and others prefer to sort room by room. It is this second option that we will advise you on here. This method makes it possible to appreciate the effects of its sorting more quickly and can be done small step by small step if you have little free time.

How to proceed? In each room, you will empty all the cupboards and cupboards to lay everything out flat. You need to have an overview of your possessions so that you can immediately put your finger on the objects that you have in excess (do we need 4 stewards in a kitchen?) Then inspect the objects one by one to determine whether you keep them or not.

What decluttering schedule to adopt? Try to plan time slots over several weeks to carry out your project and for each week, give yourself objectives. Depending on your available time, you might tackle one room or one closet per week.

What questions to ask? Have I used this item recently? Do I have several similar copies? Do I like this object? Does it have sentimental value? Is it useful? If you answered no to each of these questions, part with this object without hesitation.

What to do with items you no longer want? You are going to prepare several labelled boxes that will allow you to sort efficiently: a box “to give away”, a box “to sell”, and a box “to recycle”. Finally, prepare a “Pending” box in which to place the objects for which you are not sure. If you haven’t used these items by the end of the year, you can say goodbye to them.


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