How To Decorate A Light Green And Wooden Kitchen

A safe bet, the light green and wood kitchen is both fresh and welcoming. If this decorative combination remains among the most popular, it is undoubtedly because it evokes a perfectly balanced natural environment. And, above all, it is a combination that works just as well for a neo-rustic style kitchen as for a contemporary kitchen.

Light green on the walls

Which light green to choose for the kitchen walls? To be in tune with the times, choose a subtly gray sage green, a slightly bluish celadon green, or an ultra-bright water green. These are natural colors that blend smoothly with furniture or a light wood worktop. And which allows you to color a kitchen without losing brightness but gaining warmth.

Light green kitchen cabinets

Most kitchen designers offer light green kitchen furniture: this is one of the most popular colors for its soothing and natural appearance. If you can’t find the shade or finish that suits you in their catalogs, take a look at the manufacturers of facades adaptable to Ikea kitchen furniture such as Plum, Reform, or Bocklip. And for those who have a specific shade of light green in mind, go to Superfront, which now offers its lacquered fronts for Ikea furniture in 1950 NCS (Natural Color System) colors, including more than the substantial light green palette.

The wooden elements to match with light green

When it comes to composing a light green and wood kitchen, we first think of marrying the green facades with a wood finish worktop. However, there are other possibilities for integrating the wood finish into your kitchen. For example, you can combine low kitchen units with light green fronts with tall units with wooden fronts, lay imitation wood tiles on the floor or the splashback or integrate wooden accessories throughout the kitchen.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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