How To Choose The Perfectly Sophisticated Black Door For Your Home

Sophisticated and stylish, the black door has arrived with everything in everyone’s homes. Very common in European countries and the USA, this type of door comes to prove that you can leave the common without fear of making mistakes.

Come with us in this post to find out more about the black door and how to use it in your interior design.

Types of black door

Check out the most popular types of black doors below and see which one best fits your project:

Black wooden door

The black wooden door is classic, but it also knows how to be modern, depending on how it is combined in the environment. Some elements, like handles, locks, and peepholes, for example, can help define the style of your door.

The black wooden door can be used both internally and externally.

Black glass door

The black glass door is the one where the frames, usually in aluminum or metal, are black and only the closing of the leaves is made of glass. This type of door is extremely modern, especially in models where the leaves are solid.

However, because glass is a material that “steals” privacy, it is more suitable for indoor uses.

Black folding door

The black folding door is the most suitable for those who have little space at home and need to save free area. This type of door can be made of either glass, wood, or PVC.

Black Pivot Door

Sophistication and modernity are the words that sum up a black pivoting door. Perfect for the entrance to the house, this model of door welcomes with style and has the potential to become the highlight of the façade.

Black aluminum door

The black aluminum door can be either one piece or cut with glass sheets. In both cases, it is a modern option that easily harmonizes with different types of decor. One of the great advantages of this type of door is that it does not require maintenance, since aluminum is a material that does not oxidize and its electrostatic painting does not deteriorate either.

Check out below 10 ideas from houses that have invested in the use of the black door and get inspired:












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