How To Choose The Multipurpose Closet You Long For?

The name says it all: multipurpose closet. In other words, it can be used for a little bit of everything and is a handy tool for organizing your home or commercial environment.

The multipurpose closet is an old acquaintance of bathrooms, offices, and service areas, but, for some time now, it has been gaining new possibilities of use, in environments where there was usually no space, as is the case of the living room and bedrooms. 

This popularization of the multipurpose closet is mainly due to the variety of models, colors, and sizes available today, in addition, of course, to the rise of more modern and free decorative styles.

And if you are thinking of taking a multipurpose closet home, keep following this post with us. We have lots of cool tips and ideas to share with you, come see.

How to choose the most suitable multipurpose closet for you

Internal spaces and partitions

One of the most important things you should pay attention to when buying the multipurpose closet is the space and internal divisions. That’s because there are several models available for sale and each one will fit better to one need than another. 

A multipurpose closet with high shelves, for example, is not very interesting for a bathroom, as most items in this room are small and low. In a laundry room, high shelves are more interesting, since cleaning products usually come in larger packages. Evaluate the functionality of the multipurpose closet against what you need to store.

Attention to measurements

Today’s multipurpose cabinets are manufactured in numerous different sizes. They vary in height, depth and width. When choosing the ideal model, be aware of the size of the space you have available and make sure that the furniture will fit in the place. And one more tip: larger closets are not indicative of greater functionality and organization, especially if your environment is small. 

In this case, prefer a smaller closet, but with greater internal storage options, including niches and even drawers and supports. Another detail to note is the depth. Some cabinets are quite narrow and this can make it difficult to store certain items. Therefore, pay attention to the measurements of the furniture provided by the manufacturer. 

Manufacturing material

Most multipurpose cabinets are manufactured with MDP structure and MDF doors, usually in white. These are the cheapest and easiest to find on the market. Just to give you an idea, there are multipurpose closets with prices starting atR$130. 

In addition to these, there are also multipurpose steel cabinets that stand out for their durability and strength. These models are usually more expensive, however, they can be easily customized, especially with paint.  But if you want something even more personalized and functional, the tip is to opt for a planned multipurpose closet. In addition to optimizing every inch of the environment, this type of cabinet can be made just the way you need and want it.

See below some environments decorated with a multipurpose closet and get inspired by this super versatile piece of furniture:







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