How To Bring Contrast In Your Interior With Black Decoration

Black is an intense and strong color. She has the gift of bringing contrast while being timeless. Often, we do not dare to adopt it for fear that it is too strict. And yet, when used properly, it will make all the difference!

The proof with these atmospheres signed Ethnicraft, which reveals great elegance.

Black decoration: how to adopt it?

On small elements

In an interior that advocates light colors, you can use touches of black to create contrast or to enhance certain details. A wall shelf, a frame, window, or door frames: all these elements will blend into the decor to make it even more alive.

With furniture

More visually imposing, you can also opt for furniture. As here, with the Graphic sideboard in black teak. Its geometric shapes catch the eye while playing with light, which makes it a real asset in interior design.







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