How to Apply Home Staging

Valuing and accelerating the sale or lease of a property is everything an owner wants, right? And for that, a new sales technique known as home staging has stood out in the Brazilian market.

So, if you want to sell or rent a property, stay here with us and we’ll tell you all about this new way of negotiating in the real estate market. 

Neutrality and impersonality

The first thing that the owner needs to know is that from the moment the property is announced for sale, the tastes and personal objects of the residents must leave the scene. 

Paintings, furniture, and colours used on the walls, among other elements, reflect the spirit of those who live on the property and not those who will buy. And this creates an affective bond with the residents that are not interested in the moment of sale. 

Focus on the first impression

The customer needs to be impacted by the first contact with the property. This usually happens through online ads and photos. 

So don’t even think about loading the ad with poorly lit photos, at dubious angles or, even worse, depicting real chaos. 

Home staging starts long before the customer visits. It must be thought of at the time of the announcement.

Light and neutral colours

It is very common for architects and designers to suggest the use of light and neutral colours on the walls of the property. 

There are at least two good reasons for this: light and neutral colours, such as grey, white and off-white tones, please most people and suggest timeless and modern environments. 

Another reason for using these colours is that they help in the perception of spaces, visually expanding them and favouring natural lighting.


Lighting must always be valued, whether natural or artificial. To improve the natural lighting of the property, invest in curtains made of light and light fabrics and keep the windows open when visiting and when taking photos for the advertisement.

Artificial lighting, on the other hand, should be valued at strategic points in the environment, through pendant or floor lamps, so that the buyer can visualize the spaces in a more cosy, functional and comfortable way.

Cleaning and organization

Under no circumstances open visitation for sale of a property where the cleaning and organization conditions leave something to be desired. 

The worst impression you can give a customer is the lack of cleanliness and clutter. In addition to not seeing the property as it should, the mess and dirt reveal a lack of care and zeal for the house.

That is if what is visible is found this way, imagine what cannot be seen, such as electrical installations or the roof. It takes very badly.

So, first of all, provide a nice cleaning and put everything in order.

Repairs and renovations

At the time of cleaning, also take the opportunity to check if there is a need to carry out minor renovations or repairs to the property.

Many people resist this because they believe that it is not worth “touching” a property that is about to be sold.

But this is a big mistake. Dripping faucets, peeling walls or loose floors, for example, can drive potential buyers away and devalue the property.

Renew the appearance of the property

Calm! You don’t need to modernize the entire house, but it is interesting to choose to replace certain items that can convey the feeling of an old and poorly maintained property. 


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