How Home Aquarium Models Bring Nature Indoors

Inserting an aquarium indoors can seem like a very big challenge. In addition to making the environment beautiful and inviting, the aquarium conveys a sense of peace and tranquility due to closer contact with nature.

Where to place an aquarium in the room?

The aquarium needs to be harmoniously integrated into the living room. So, see how it can be placed in the room correctly and safely. It can be embedded in a planned joinery, supported on loose furniture, or just on top of the rack.

Another tip is to establish the function of the aquarium in the environment. Depending on the proposal, it can be the centerpiece, a small detail in the environment or serve as a feng shui element in the decoration.

Positioning the aquarium near a window with an incidence of natural light is also a great idea. Ideally, avoid direct sunlight, which can cause heating and promote algae growth.

How to set up a decorative aquarium

Take advantage of the vivid and varied hues of the fish to add contrast to your decor. Colorful fish can serve as a complement to the room’s palette, or create an attention-grabbing focal point.

Consider the theme and style of the aquarium. After all, it should reflect with the rest of the environment. You can opt for a minimalist design, with just a few fish and decorative elements, or a themed aquarium, filled with plants and rocks, that recreates a natural environment. Reef aquariums, for example, can bring a slice of the ocean right into your home.

Lighting is an item that will make a difference in your aquarium and must be used by specialized lamps. The right light can accentuate the colors of the fish and plants, as well as highlight the most interesting features of the aquarium.


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