How About Green Walls In Contrast To White Woodwork?

Thanks to the good natural lighting in this studio apartment, the dark green color of the wall makes it elegant and unique.

Dark powdery colors, those that have a pastel appearance, work very well as a base in a Nordic decoration in contrast with white doors and windows, wooden floors, and furniture also made of natural wood.

As they have that matte appearance, they diffuse the light through the space without visually ‘cutting’ it as it would happen with other intense colors, with a sharper finish or shine. In this specific case, that green combined with already used furniture and flooring provides a vintage touch that is very warm and pleasant. Visually it is a harmonious and distinguished mix.

To point out the ingenuity of the shape of this kitchen, with that starter where furniture and appliances are concentrated, everything so collected and so close at hand, with the window in the corner, through which to enjoy the views while cooking and on the other side the dining area, with good space for a large table and at least 6 people.

In a 38 mΒ² apartment as small as this one, having this place to receive visitors is a luxury. The same as being able to have a relatively loose, more private area for rest, with the sofa and the bed.

It is a perfect home for one person, don’t you think?









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