House O by Alexis Dornier in Ubud, Indonesia

Project: House O
Alexis Dornier
Ubud, Indonesia
Area: 3,982 sf
Photographs by:
Tommaso Riva

House O by Alexis Dornier

House O is a 3-bedroom home located in Ubud, Indonesia designed by Alexis Dornier. The house features a 1,614 sf loft space on its second floor with panoramic views of the surrounding green rice paddies and coconut trees. The design was inspired by the concept of a single sound wave, resulting in a multi-planar space that intertwines the ground plane and roofscape. The interior is finished with wood patterned surfaces, a dropped ceiling to improve acoustics, and a sculpted interior free of excess.

The House O is not the first project we’ve showcased from this studio’s portfolio so make sure you check out their work on the River House and the Aperture House projects.

This 3 bedroom home for a musician-composer, holds a 150 m2 loft space as it’s 2nd floor, overlooking its lush, surrounding of green rice paddies and coconut trees. The minimal shell of the house amplifies the panoramic experience of its surrounding landscape.

The design emerged from a desire to translate the construct of a single sound wave into an overarching architectural gesture that will define the interior and exterior spatial qualities of the house.

Through an iterative process of manipulating the curve of single a line, both in plan and elevation, begins to articulate a multi-planar space in which the ground plane and roof scape are directly intertwined.

‘As feeling like being inside of an instrument’ most inside surfaces are rendered as wood patterned surfaces. The ceiling drops down in equal manner to improve acoustics and to indicate the entrance as a gesture. This element adds to the sculpted, interior experience of the space that is free of structural excess.

Throughout several months of the year, House O operates as a β€˜Artist-in-residence’ initiative, hosting selected artists from across the world for short periods of artistic retreat.

Alexis Dornier


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