House among pines by kvadrat architects in Borovoe, Kazakhstan

Project: House among Pines
Architects: kvadrat architects
Location: Borovoe, Kazakhstan
Area: 2,798 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by: Gleb Kramchaninov

House among pines by kvadrat architects

This family seat is situated in one of the most picturesque places in Kazakhstan – the resort area of Borovoe. There are such delights as age-old pines, the purest air, 14 lakes and magnetic mountain groups here. The place is justly called the Kazakhstani Switzerland.

The owners are a family of six – the parents and four children. The couple planned to spend here weekends, vacations and holidays. It is a place where people can gather and feel the joy of being close to nature and each other. In future, the house will be inherited by the client’s children.

The principle of contrast

The space is divided into public and private areas, which are situated on the first and second floor respectively. The idea of the interior is based on the principle of contrast in nature and the natural laws. This is reflected literally in everything: white and black-colored areas symbolise the change of day and night. Also there is a second light, the living room area occupies the height of two floors at once, it’s 7 m high. It is a spatial advantage of the house, which creates an airy effect: an additional source of room volume and the natural sunlight flow.

The contrast is kept by the choice of materials – wood and stone: the warm balances the cold. There is a harmony typical to nature itself.

As we enter we see the hall. It’s walls and ceiling are painted in black. Further we get into a bright area with a large panoramic window overlooking the forest. “It’s like a contrast shower! The room with a great view and high ceiling after the black hall looks and feels much more voluminous and airy,” – emphasize Rustam Minnekhanov and Sergey Bekmukhanbetov, heads of Kvadrat architects design studio.

Uncompromising quality

One of the messages of Kvadrat architects design studio philosophy is being close to nature, maximum use of natural materials and careful attitude to consumption. Also it’s significant to choose high-quality elements of decoration and furniture, which will be in use for many years and remain relevant.

Every detail of the interior emphasizes the vast amount of air, light and the proximity of the changing but always appealing landscape outside the window.

Meditative interior

And yet the main decoration of the interior is nature. The key solution was to create a minimalist space that would not be dissonant with the landscape. On the contrary, it would complement and enhance the beauty of the pine forest and mountainous terrain. There are no aggressive forms, saturated colors, wild textures – all the things that create visual noise. Giving consideration to the fact that it’s a country house, and the family comes here to spend a weekend after some heavy working week, so the interior is created as meditative as possible.

-Project description and images provided by kvadrat architects


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