Here are the 5 major home trends of 2023

On the key trends for 2023, we polled a number of decorators and interior designers we think you might fall for just in time.

1. More reasoned consumption for the home

Owners are being pushed to be more mindful of their consumption as a result of the energy crisis and the accompanying spike in prices, which affects both the efficiency of their homes and the furnishings and designs they choose. The experts on Houzz who work with customers who are more committed to energy remodelling also detect a more pronounced desire to conserve and improve the existing, recycle materials and things, or look for antique furniture. Then we discuss gradual decoration, which is opposed to the mass consumption we have traditionally known and supports local and thoughtful buying. Natural or eco-friendly materials, on the other hand, are less popular because of their higher price.

2. A growing demand for optimization of the existing

The current environment does not encourage the purchase of new houses, but it does encourage you to modify your interior to suit your demands. As a result, requests to optimize the current housing stock for more adaptable and expandable housing are becoming more frequent among the experts active on The establishment of multipurpose spaces that may house an office for teleworking, which is still quite common, as well as vast rooms that multiply the functions is definitely required.

3. Acclaimed tailor-made layouts

As a result, there is still a strong demand for custom clothing. These are regarded as the greatest methods for interior optimization and occupant-centered design. Among them, bed bridges and specially designed bookcases that hide the television in the living room are particularly well-liked.

4. Two styles, two different atmospheres

Professionals have noticed the appearance of two conflicting movements in decoration. On the one hand, the resurgence of maximalism brings color—particularly green—back into the forefront. It is surrounded by chilly hues like Majorelle and Klein blues and cozy tones like the irresistible terracotta. As demonstrated in this project by the Bachmann Interior Design firm, dark colors are also making a comeback. Additionally, we dare to combine large-format floral and geometric motifs. On the other hand, there are classic settings that are popular with delicate colors like pink, beige, salmon, and linen.

5. Raw materials like in the 70s

The interiors are still influenced by the 1970s. Some industry experts have noticed a resurgence of stainless steel and woven natural fiber wallpapers.
In general, rough and raw materials are preferred, such as paper-mâché and cane work, whitewash paint, coloured metal, brick, and raw earth. The wood has been more intricately worked, preferably with grooves or soft curves. To avoid wearing out the eye and repeating the errors of the past, everything should be done subtly and in small doses.


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